Thank You Tom Ricketts

Back in 2003 when the Cubs were about to go to the World Series with Dusty Baker, I allowed my mind to wander and dreamed of a Cubs World Series. I remember thinking that it did not feel right. At the time, the faceless Chicago Tribune owned the Cubs and treated our beloved Cubs as nothing more than a business asset. This model held true to how they treated their fans, employees, and most of all, their business and baseball decisions.

Thankfully for all of us Cubs fans, the Chicago Tribune decided to sell the Chicago Cubs. Little did we know that it was the start of something special!

When Tom Ricketts & his family purchased the Chicago Cubs in 2009, his mission statement was to win the World Series, preserve and improve Wrigley Field for future generations, and be good neighbors by giving back to the city and the team’s North Side neighborhood. Eight years later, the Chicago Cubs are World Series Champions, Wrigley Field is being rebuilt (with no help from the city), and the Cubs have top-notch facilities: Sloan Park in Mesa, AZ, & the academy in the Dominican Republic. They also lead all professional sports teams in terms of money donated to charity.

As they say, it starts from the top. Make no mistake out of it, Cubs fans… if it wasn’t for Tom Ricketts, it would be 109 years and counting. Tom’s actions have spoken louder than his words, and in this day and age, that is pretty spectacular.

When Tom agreed to come out to Club 400 back in 2014, I really didn’t know what to think. The owner of the Chicago Cubs is coming over to my house? Have you ever known of an owner of a professional sports team taking time out of his schedule to visit a fan at his house? Who does that? Not to mention he came alone, stayed late, and was the main reason why we raised over $30,000 for Nick Sheridan.

Simply put… without Tom Ricketts, Club 400 would not be Club 400. If Tom did not come over, then we would not have gotten Kerry Wood over here, Anthony Rizzo would not have come out, and so on, and so on.

Up until that visit, I really didn’t know much about Tom other that what I read in the newspaper and saw on TV.  What I came to realize is that Tom Ricketts is not just a good owner and businessman. He is a genuinely good person.  And that is saying something, especially since he is the main reason the Cubs have won their first World Championship in 108 years. Winning the World Series with the Ricketts Family as owners… well, it meant even more, if that’s possible.

Thank You, Tom! Not for just winning the World Series, but for being the person you are today!


Lets’ win another one!